McCall-Thompson family history
Genealogy of some McCalls, Thompsons, Warrens, Campbells, Brierlys, Huffstutlers and allied families
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McCallroots is organized around the ancestors of John Brierly McCall and of Andrea Thompson McCall.

John's paternal grandparents were McCalls (Argyllshire, Scotland to County Antrim, Ireland, to Virginia, to Missouri) and Campbells (Argyllshire, Scotland to upstate New York). His maternal grandparents were Warrens (England to Massachusetts in 1630) and Brierlys (Lancashire, England to Massachusetts in 1841).

Andrea's paternal grandparents were Thompsons (Scotland to South Carolina to Georgia) and Woods (? to South Carolina to Georgia). Her maternal grandparents were Greers - descended from Robert the Bruce - (Dumfrieshire, Scotland to Virginia to Texas) and Huffstutlers (Switzerland to Maryland to Alabama to Texas).

If you like the mysteries and wonders of DNA, check out Clan Colla 425 null for the latest on the Clan Colla research project and more I've learned from my McCall DNA-111 test.

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Latest News
January 2020 - I'm no longer searching for my Warren line as descendants of Peter Warren of Boston. After years of frustration over the absence of records, DNA has pointed the way to John Warren of Watertown. More...

June 2019 - Continuing DNA research points to a Jamaica connection for our Campbells. Ancestor Alexander may have been a merchant in Kingston when he received a bequest of land in 1770 and decided to move to Washington County, New York.

March 2017 - Two recent discoveries: finally found Clarkstown, County Antrim, Ireland from which Robert McCall and Elizabeth Aiken emigrated to the Colonies on the eve of the War of Independence. Unfortunately there are no extant civil or church records. Also have a fresh lead on Alexander Campbell's line in Scotland. Stay tuned...

September 2016 - Just returned from a UK trip -- a month in Scotland highlighted by great finds about the MacColls at the Lochaber Highland Archives in Ft. William (and lots of distilleries!) Then a week in Ireland heading west from Dublin to "discover" the McColl Genetic Homeland where ancestors once farmed.

April 2016 - Another trip to Franklin County, VA where the McCalls & Greers were neighbors in 1800.

February 2015 - Almost connected our Campbells to the right clan branch in Scotland.

August 2014 - Traveled to Clinton County, NY and north into Quebec for Campbell family sites.