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151 "Here Lyes the Body of John Livermore/ Aged 78 years/Decd April 14, 1684" Livermore, John (I7740)
152 "in 62nd yr." Putnam, Deacon Israel (I614)
153 "in her 80th yr." Farnum, Molle (I8329)
154 "in the 53rd year of his age." Barber, Jerijah (I8235)
155 "In the present number, we commence the important work of printing the earliest account upon record of the Births and Deaths in the city of Boston. But though our article is headed simply "Records of Boston," yet , as will be seen, these records embrace not only Boston, properly so called, but all the towns in its vicinity; -- thus giving them a claim to the first place in our work, among those of the old towns of New England. Source (S448)
156 "In the same train of newcomers in which the McCalls came." [History of Callaway County, p. 553] Gilbert, Kemuel Clement (I3524)
157 "Isaac Bemus son of John and Mary Bemus borne the 7th of August, 1690." Bond in Early Settlers says 1696. Draper (pg. 59) says he was born in 1696. Bemis, Isaac (I5089)
158 "James, Jr. of Worcester, and Lydia Bellows." Family F2894
159 "Jepardson, John - son of Thomas and ______________, bp. Aug. 12, 1733. CRI." "CRI" means church record, First Congregational Society (Unitarian), Uxbridge. Jepherson, John (I7881)
160 "Jim" was injured in auto accident that killed mother, Mary Edna McCallHensley. Was noticably crippled by the accident. Hensley, Hiram Cornell "Jim" (I6385)
161 "John Sill was living in 1645 but died before 1662 when his wife Joanna had a grant of land, and another in 1665." Sill, John (I7908)
162 "Joseph Jacocks Went to places of diversion, dis 7-28-1796" Jacus, Joseph (I3208)
163 "Joseph Jacus/ died/ May 25, 1833/ AE. 99 yrs. & 5 mos./ Mark the perfect man and behold the upright/ for the end of that man is/ peace." Jacus, Joseph (I3208)
164 "Joyned in marriage... before Mr. Nathaniel Gookin, Minister of Cambridge." Family F1613
165 "Katherine wife of old Wheeler died 2.11.84"  Pin, Katherine (I8881)
166 "Livermore Family" says 1704 Livermore, Anna (I7715)
167 "Livermore Family" says 1705 Livermore, Daniel (I7716)
168 "March 6, (16)83 - Benjamin Warren admonished for divers morall evils, unrepented." Warren, Benjamin (I5214)
169 "Married in the Parish Church according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church." Witnesses: Abram Jackson and John Jackson. Signed by T. Fallowfield, clergyman. Family F16
170 "Mary Bemish the Daughter of Joseph and Sary Bemish borne ye - 10d - 9m" in the section for 1644 in additional names found upon Middlesex Co. Clerk of Court Records in Watertown Records, page 11. Bemis, Mary (I5074)
171 "Moses Greer was born September 3, 1829 in Grassy Cove, Bledsoe (now Cumberland) County, TN; died February 12, 1914 at Dayton, TN; married December 2, 1852, Orpah Foster, daughter of William and Rhoda (Roberson) Foster, of Bledsoe County, TN. About 1880, Moses Greer moved from Sequatchie Valley to Dayton, TN, where his family was reared. Moses and Orpah (Foster) Greer had issue: (children, spouses and descendants listed)." (Leaves From the Family Tree, from The Chattanooga Sunday Times, October 11, 1936, by Penelope Johnson Allen.)
Greer, Moses Callaway (I1236)
172 "Mrs. Mary Marsh, of Sutton." Family F2910
173 "New England Families" says after 30 Nov. 1707, the birth of her last child. Woodward, Elizabeth (I5298)
174 "now residing for the purpose of speculation..." Family F2800
175 "of Framingham" Family F2604
176 "of Sudbury" according to Draper (pg. 106). Family F1536
177 "On the night of July 4, 1831, there came a very heavy rain which raised the creek so that it washed away his stable and smoke-house. He had a horse in the stable, which by some means, climbed into the loft, got out of the window and swam ashore. The smoke-house contained some meat and a barrel of whiskey, which Mr. Callaway succeeded in bringing ashore with a sugar trough, which he used as a canoe. Mr. Callaway died some time ago but his widow is still living." (1884) Callaway, Thomas (I3810)
178 "On the occasion of Joseph's marriage with Sarah, daughter of Elder Jon Whipple, the Deacon William Goodhue and the Elder John Whipple drew up and instrument securing a house ad land to the newly married pair." Family F2080
179 "One half hour after birth of son Benjamin." [--?--] Drury, Sarah (I6159)
180 "Peeter, s. Peeter and Abbigaile (Bathellour)" Family F2923
181 "Peeter, son of John." Woodbury, Deacon Peter Sr. (I8378)
182 "Peter moved to MO from VA in 1839. He married Zelphia Hodges, who was born in 1807. He was disinherited because he married a German girl. He died in Missouri 1867.

Notes from Myrtle Mae McCall Holverson, daughter of James Franklin and Martha Alice Scott McCall, she remarks as follows: "The McCalls were an aristocratic people with plantations and slaves in the South. Most of Dad's family stayed in Missouri but I did not know Uncle Sam and Uncle Bob. Uncle Bob lived near Ute and I remember Mother, Dad, and I driving a horse and buggy to visit them. When we went we would go on Saturday and stay over night. They had 5 children."
McCall, Peter Holland (I222)
183 "Phebe Jacocks Dis 4-23-1795 for Diversions; Phebe Jacocks Dis for lack of plainness and diversion 10-23-1794; reinstated; Dis 4-23-1795, same offence." [--?--] Jacus, Phebe (I3270)
184 "Phebe Penington daughter of Hyland B. Penington and Edith his wife was born on Sunday the 8th day of May about 10 o'clock A.A., AnnoDom. One Thousand Eight hundred and three. (May 8th, 1803) Penington, Phebe (I928)
185 "Phebe. / wife of Joseph Jacus/ died Oct. 10/ 1832,/ Aged 70 years." [--?--] Jacus, Phebe (I3270)
186 "Possessed considerable literary and musical talent, was a conveyancer and conducted a successful legal business, was called Squire Stone, and as a writer of poetry and music acquired some reputation. At his death he bequeathed to the Theological Seminary, Bangor, Maine, the bulk of his valuable library and all his manuscripts, consisting chiefly of original poetry and music." Stone, Joseph (I853)
187 "Prescott, Eben[eze]r, of Lancaster, and Ruth Hobart, at Watertown, Dec. 5, 1711." Family F2960
188 "Putnam, Andrew [widr.] s. Archelaus & Sarah, Aug. 7, 1846, a. 72 y. 10 m. 13 d. Old age. Born in Sutton." Putnam, Andrew (I399)
189 "Removed to Big Lake, Minnesota (G&P Memoirs, pg. 668) Putnam, John Elmer (I377)
190 "Removed west," according to Historic Homes and Genealogical & Personal Memoirs. Knowlton, Nathaniel (I4706)
191 "resided on the easterly side of Brighton Street, his estate extending from Winthrop Street to Mount Auburn Street." Family F2725
192 "Rev. John Walker, a Baptist minister, who came to Oakham from Barre in 1835 and lived on a farm near Coldbrook, on the old road to Rutland. Rev. John Walker was pastor of the church at Coldbrook for several years, and continued after that to preach in various churches till his death in 1866."

Henry Parks Wright, Soldiers of Oakham, Massachusetts, in the revolutionary war, the war of 1812 and the Civil war, pg. 19; New Haven, Conn., The Tuttle, Morehouse & Taylor press 
Walker, Rev. John (I6011)
193 "S. W. GILBERT"
"BORN AUG. 22, 1820 DIED JAN. 8, 1877"

Gilbert, Stephen W. (I6143)
194 "Sarah" in her birth record; "Sally" in her marriage record and in her application for widow's pension for Jonathan's Revolutionary War service. Hall, Sarah (I7691)
195 "son of John." Snow, Timothy (I8191)
196 "Soon after the birth of his youngest child he left the family and set out for the west, thinking he might find in that then sparsely settled region more favorable opportunities.  This was about 1818.  The family watched in vain for his return, and year after year went by with no message from him and no tidings in regard to his fate, which ever remained a mystery." Campbell, Argyle (I93)
197 "South Carolina Marriages, 1709-1913," database, FamilySearch( : 6 December 2014), William Coats and Mary Green, 17 Nov 1757; citing Saint Philip,Charleston,Charleston,South Carolina; FHL microfilm 976 Family F44
198 "Southern Watchman" Confederate necrology [JBM has a copy] , a recollection from someone simply listed as J.R.C.

Died, in the Hospital, Atlanta, Ga., on the 7th inst., VESTAL P. THOMPSON, aged eighteen years, seven months and fifteen days*, son of James M. and Mary E. Thompson, of Hall County. I visited him during his sickness and read him a letter sent him by his father. I found him very low with the measles. He was rational. and was anxious to talk -- told me that he had tried to live right while in camp. I said, "Vestal, I hope you are not afraid to die;" and his discourse all proved that he was ready for the messenger. The young friend was much esteemed by all who knew him. He has left parents to mourn his loss. Their loss will be his eternal gain. 'Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord'"

*[birth date is calculated by JBM from this information] 
Thompson, Vestal (I3152)
199 "St. Paul's Methodist Episcopal Church of Wilmington was organized January 26, 1844 at the residence of Hyland B. Pennington, southeast corner of Fourth and Market Streets, by a number of members of Asbury ME Church. Rev. John Kennedy, pastor of Asbury Church, was chairman of the meeting and Mr. Pennington was secretary..." Pennington, Hyland Biddle (I65)
200 "The family moved from TN to Callaway Co, Missouri in 1817. In 1849, son Wilson joined in the California Gold Rush, and eventually brought his family from MO to be the first settlers and ranchers in Contra Costa, California."

History of Contra Costa County
, pg. 543-544 (1882)
WILSON COATS.-This old and respected pioneer of Tassajara valley, now reached the venerable age of four score years, is a native of Smith County, Tennessee, and was born August 10, 1802. When fifteen years of age he moved with his parents to Callaway County, Missouri, and resided in that State until his coming to California. May 1, 1849, our subject started with ox-teams to cross the plains to the Golden State, arriving in Placer county September 7th of the same year, and there engaged in mining until 1851, when he paid a visit to his old home in Missouri, proceeding via the Isthmus of Panama. Remaining but a short time he again returned with his family to this coast, this time, as before, crossing the plains with ox-teams, and, coming direct to Contra Costa County, located on his present farm of one hundred and sixty acres, at that time being the only family resident in the now well-populated and highly cultivated Tassajara valley. Was married in Callaway County, Missouri, December 25, 1823, to Miss Mary Philipp, a native of Tennessee. She died November 27, 1875. By this union they had ten children, of which he has four sons living: Felix O., William L., John R. and Lemuel A. 
Coats, Wilson (I1488)

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