McCall-Thompson family history
Genealogy of some McCalls, Thompsons, Warrens, Campbells, Brierlys, Huffstutlers and allied families
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England, United Kingdom



Latitude: 52.8000000, Longitude: -1.5000000


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Egbert  Abt 770England, United Kingdom I1070
2 Adams, Mary  Abt 1622England, United Kingdom I9553
3 Alden, John  1599England, United Kingdom I3405
4 Ashton, Ellen Nellie  16 Feb 1844England, United Kingdom I4120
5 Ashton, Samuel  England, United Kingdom I4121
6 Barrett, Charles  Jan 1783England, United Kingdom I119
7 Bearse, Augustine  Abt 1618England, United Kingdom I3131
8 Betts, Elizabeth M.  England, United Kingdom I4546
9 Bigelow, John  1617England, United Kingdom I8925
10 Brierly, Mary  6 Aug 1831England, United Kingdom I4022
11 Brierly, Samuel  10 Jan 1833England, United Kingdom I3999
12 Brooks, Caleb  Abt 1632England, United Kingdom I10431
13 Brooks, Mary  SAY 1628England, United Kingdom I10430
14 Browne, Abraham  Abt 1600England, United Kingdom I9668
15 Browne, Mary  SAY 1630England, United Kingdom I10791
16 Browne, Sarah  SAY 1626England, United Kingdom I10789
17 Buckley, Abraham  1832England, United Kingdom I4023
18 Buckley, George B.  England, United Kingdom I4024
19 Buckley, Mally  1818England, United Kingdom I4007
20 Butler, Joanna  1615England, United Kingdom I8883
21 Butterworth, William  England, United Kingdom I4526
22 Charlton, Anne  1480England, United Kingdom I7674
23 Cheetham, James  1832England, United Kingdom I4006
24 Clarke, Hugh  1613England, United Kingdom I10723
25 Clegg, Ann  Jun 1782England, United Kingdom I3955
26 Coggin, Jane  Abt 1614England, United Kingdom I8713
27 Cole, Elizabeth  Abt 1619England, United Kingdom I1308
28 Copeland, Henry  Abt 1621England, United Kingdom I3400
29 Copeland, James  Abt 1623England, United Kingdom I3401
30 Courthopp, Peter  England, United Kingdom I5387
31 Cunliffe, Hilda  England, United Kingdom I4278
32 Cutting, Richard  1624England, United Kingdom I5370
33 Dean, Margaret  1593England, United Kingdom I1409
34 Doget [Doggett], John  England, United Kingdom I5345
35 Dowsett, Thomasine Emigrant  Abt 1610England, United Kingdom I2340
36 Dudley, Francis  Abt 1640England, United Kingdom I10678
37 Ealhswith  852England, United Kingdom I1065
38 Finch, Sarah  16 Apr 1621England, United Kingdom I5125
39 Fiske Cooper, Lydia  Abt 1600England, United Kingdom I8888
40 Fuller, Anne  Bef PROB 1640England, United Kingdom I7528
41 Fuller, Elizabeth  Aft PROB 1630England, United Kingdom I7527
42 Fuller, Mary  Aft PROB 1630England, United Kingdom I7526
43 Fuller, Matthew  Abt 1605England, United Kingdom I7499
44 Fuller, Lieutenant Samuel  Abt 1630England, United Kingdom I7497
45 Fuller, Thomas  Apr 1618England, United Kingdom I8844
46 Gallire, Margaret  1758England, United Kingdom I5489
47 George, John  1606England, United Kingdom I5153
48 George, Nicholas  Abt 1564England, United Kingdom I5156
49 Gill, Ann  Aug 1820England, United Kingdom I4122
50 Glover, Henry  Abt 1616England, United Kingdom I7973

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barrett, Charles  5 Sep 1857England, United Kingdom I119
2 Bemis, Abraham  England, United Kingdom I5131
3 Bemis, Issac  England, United Kingdom I5129
4 Bemis, Luke  England, United Kingdom I5130
5 Bemis, Susan  England, United Kingdom I5134
6 Clegg, Ann  9 Apr 1849England, United Kingdom I3955
7 Courthopp, Peter  England, United Kingdom I5387
8 Dean, Margaret  Aft 1657England, United Kingdom I1409
9 Doget [Doggett], John  England, United Kingdom I5345
10 Gallire, Margaret  1818England, United Kingdom I5489
11 Goodfellow, James  1831England, United Kingdom I5488
12 Knowlton, Robert  England, United Kingdom I4745
13 Mann, Maude  Aft 11 Oct 1558England, United Kingdom I2272
14 Markham, Sir John  1559England, United Kingdom I5173
15 Rodgers, George Thomas  8 Jul 1587England, United Kingdom I5187
16 Rodgers, Mary  1633England, United Kingdom I5161
17 Rogers, Edward  21 May 1567England, United Kingdom I5186
18 Sheaffe, Anne  England, United Kingdom I5388
19 Spray, Anna  England, United Kingdom I5136
20 Stockton, John  13 Jun 1643England, United Kingdom I7223
21 Winter, Jane Joan  Abt 1634England, United Kingdom I5163
22 [--?--] Bridge, Elizabeth  Bef 1630England, United Kingdom I9823


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Sill, Elizabeth  Abt 1636England, United Kingdom I7907


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID 
1 Brierly, John  22 Jul 1848England, United Kingdom I4014
2 Fuller, Thomas  1638England, United Kingdom I8844
3 Goodenow, Capt. John  24 Apr 1638England, United Kingdom I7580
4 Hopwood, Daniel  PROB 1851England, United Kingdom I4001
5 Hutchinson, Richard  1634England, United Kingdom I2238
6 Kelsey, William  BY 1633England, United Kingdom I9998
7 Merriam, Joseph  Jul 1638England, United Kingdom I8884
8 Minor, Lieut. Thomas  1629England, United Kingdom I1779


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Whipple, Elder John  Bef 1634England, United Kingdom I884


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Ashton / Gill  Bef 1844England, United Kingdom F1368
2 Bemis / Finch  1641England, United Kingdom F1733
3 Benjamin / Eddy  Abt 1619England, United Kingdom F1806
4 Bridge / [--?--] Bridge  BY 1618England, United Kingdom F3445
5 Buckminster / [--?--] Buckminster  Bef 1640England, United Kingdom F2744
6 Butterworth / [--?--] Butterworth  Bef 1815England, United Kingdom F1500
7 Courthopp / Sheaffe  Between 1590 and 1600England, United Kingdom F1822
8 Eddy / Doget [Doggett]  Aft 22 May 1619England, United Kingdom F1797
9 Egerton / Woolfenden  England, United Kingdom F2146
10 Fuller / [--?--] Fuller  1605England, United Kingdom F2592
11 George / [--?--] George  Abt 1605England, United Kingdom F1739
12 Green / [--?--] Greene  BY 1635England, United Kingdom F3678
13 Hall / [--?--] Hall  England, United Kingdom F1353
14 Holt / Durvassal  Abt 1351England, United Kingdom F519
15 Hopwood / Weld  1832England, United Kingdom F1332
16 James / Cunliffe  Bef 1917England, United Kingdom F1407
17 Lothrop / Howes  Bef 1614England, United Kingdom F2598
18 Palmer / [--?--] Palmer  Abt 1614England, United Kingdom F3037
19 Pierce / Carew  England, United Kingdom F98
20 Scott / [--?--] Scott  BY 1624England, United Kingdom F3567
21 Taylor / Schofield  England, United Kingdom F1397
22 Turnstall / Betts  England, United Kingdom F1509
23 Weld / [--?--] Weld  England, United Kingdom F1363
24 Wheeler / Mynsterley  3 Feb 1587England, United Kingdom F3808