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Genealogy of the McCalls, Thompsons, and allied families
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Franklin County, Virginia


Notes: Franklin County was formed in 1786 from Bedford and Henry Counties, with part of Patrick County added later. It was named for Benjamin Franklin who was serving as president of the executive council of Pennsylvania at the time the county was created by the Virginia General Assembly. Settlement of the Franklin County area had started in the…

Latitude: 36.9874639, Longitude: -79.8698639

Notes: Franklin County was formed in 1786 from Bedford and Henry Counties, with part of Patrick County added later. It was named for Benjamin Franklin who was serving as president of the executive council of Pennsylvania at the time the county was created by the Virginia General Assembly. Settlement of the Franklin County area had started in the…

Latitude: 36.9874639, Longitude: -79.8698639


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adkins, Ethel  21 Sep 1903Franklin County, Virginia I3947 Tree_2_McCallroots 
2 Amos, Reginald Clark  20 Oct 1917Franklin County, Virginia I5536 Tree_2_McCallroots 
3 Belcher, Algie Florence  26 May 1893Franklin County, Virginia I3944 Tree_2_McCallroots 
4 Belcher, Lena  21 Feb 1892Franklin County, Virginia I3941 Tree_2_McCallroots 
5 Brooks, Fred William  16 Nov 1903Franklin County, Virginia I7408 Tree_2_McCallroots 
6 Childress, Nancy  20 May 1829Franklin County, Virginia I1391 Tree_2_McCallroots 
7 Davidson, Alvin Merritt  14 Dec 1914Franklin County, Virginia I5512 Tree_2_McCallroots 
8 Doss, Christina  21 Feb 1911Franklin County, Virginia I7394 Tree_2_McCallroots 
9 Doss, Elbert Walker  18 Jun 1905Franklin County, Virginia I7391 Tree_2_McCallroots 
10 Doss, Henry George  22 Jan 1878Franklin County, Virginia I3940 Tree_2_McCallroots 
11 Doss, Julian Booth M.D.  6 Dec 1903Franklin County, Virginia I7390 Tree_2_McCallroots 
12 Doss, Oliver Henry  20 Apr 1909Franklin County, Virginia I7393 Tree_2_McCallroots 
13 Doss, Warren Steele  29 Nov 1907Franklin County, Virginia I7392 Tree_2_McCallroots 
14 Dudley, Edith Clarice  9 Aug 1907Franklin County, Virginia I7399 Tree_2_McCallroots 
15 Dudley, Elsie Blanche  5 Oct 1908Franklin County, Virginia I7400 Tree_2_McCallroots 
16 Dudley, Hedrick James  27 Jan 1918Franklin County, Virginia I7405 Tree_2_McCallroots 
17 Dudley, Henry Thomas  29 May 1912Franklin County, Virginia I7402 Tree_2_McCallroots 
18 Dudley, John Thomas  2 Sep 1876Franklin County, Virginia I3943 Tree_2_McCallroots 
19 Dudley, Laura Alice  14 Aug 1864Franklin County, Virginia I3929 Tree_2_McCallroots 
20 Dudley, Lois Evelyn  14 May 1910Franklin County, Virginia I7401 Tree_2_McCallroots 
21 Dudley, Wilma Lee  24 May 1914Franklin County, Virginia I7403 Tree_2_McCallroots 
22 Ferguson, Alexander Jr.  1765Franklin County, Virginia I9267 Tree_2_McCallroots 
23 Ferguson, Elizabeth  Franklin County, Virginia I8796 Tree_2_McCallroots 
24 Ferguson, Elizabeth Parker  7 Sep 1768Franklin County, Virginia I3917 Tree_2_McCallroots 
25 Ferguson, Margaret  Franklin County, Virginia I8797 Tree_2_McCallroots 
26 Ferguson, Mildred  Franklin County, Virginia I8798 Tree_2_McCallroots 
27 Fowler, Elizabeth  Franklin County, Virginia I8311 Tree_2_McCallroots 
28 Gilbert, Angeline Booth  15 Sep 1818Franklin County, Virginia I49 Tree_2_McCallroots 
29 Gilbert, Harriet  SAY 1826Franklin County, Virginia I6145 Tree_2_McCallroots 
30 Gilbert, Martha Jane  SAY 1815Franklin County, Virginia I6141 Tree_2_McCallroots 
31 Gilbert, Mildred D.  Abt 1843Franklin County, Virginia I2866 Tree_2_McCallroots 
32 Gilbert, Samuel Harris  SAY 1822Franklin County, Virginia I6142 Tree_2_McCallroots 
33 Gilbert, Sarah  1824Franklin County, Virginia I6146 Tree_2_McCallroots 
34 Gilbert, Stephen W.  22 Aug 1820Franklin County, Virginia I6143 Tree_2_McCallroots 
35 Gilbert, Thomas Kemuel  26 Jan 1818Franklin County, Virginia I275 Tree_2_McCallroots 
36 Gilbert, William S.  Abt 1838Franklin County, Virginia I2865 Tree_2_McCallroots 
37 Gilbert, Wilmuth  4 Jun 1807Franklin County, Virginia I6147 Tree_2_McCallroots 
38 Greer, Elizabeth Charlotte  14 Nov 1823Franklin County, Virginia I1367 Tree_2_McCallroots 
39 Greer, Harriet Ann  5 Sep 1825Franklin County, Virginia I1368 Tree_2_McCallroots 
40 Greer, Moses Jr.  12 May 1768Franklin County, Virginia I1242 Tree_2_McCallroots 
41 Greer, Moses Carper  21 Aug 1814Franklin County, Virginia I1383 Tree_2_McCallroots 
42 Greer, Samuel Wood  7 Aug 1797Franklin County, Virginia I1378 Tree_2_McCallroots 
43 Greer, Dr. Thomas Bailey  Franklin County, Virginia I8688 Tree_2_McCallroots 
44 Greer, Weatherston Shelton  31 May 1800Franklin County, Virginia I1238 Tree_2_McCallroots 
45 Greer, William Henry  9 Oct 1821Franklin County, Virginia I1366 Tree_2_McCallroots 
46 Greer, William Walter  1821Franklin County, Virginia I1385 Tree_2_McCallroots 
47 Hancock, Frances S.  12 May 1787Franklin County, Virginia I3909 Tree_2_McCallroots 
48 Heptinstall, Temperance  11 Jul 1805Franklin County, Virginia I5954 Tree_2_McCallroots 
49 Hodges, Zilpha  18 Jan 1807Franklin County, Virginia I244 Tree_2_McCallroots 
50 Holland, Calohill Monroe  12 Jul 1845Franklin County, Virginia I3883 Tree_2_McCallroots 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Davidson, Alvin Merritt  15 Jul 1955Franklin County, Virginia I5512 Tree_2_McCallroots 
2 Davis, Wilmuth  1840Franklin County, Virginia I5991 Tree_2_McCallroots 
3 Doss, Christina  1 Aug 1911Franklin County, Virginia I7394 Tree_2_McCallroots 
4 Doss, Oliver Henry  8 Oct 1911Franklin County, Virginia I7393 Tree_2_McCallroots 
5 Dudley, Laura Alice  25 Jan 1937Franklin County, Virginia I3929 Tree_2_McCallroots 
6 Ferguson, Alexander Sr.  19 Dec 1817Franklin County, Virginia I8347 Tree_2_McCallroots 
7 Ferguson, Elizabeth Parker  14 Jun 1842Franklin County, Virginia I3917 Tree_2_McCallroots 
8 Fitch, Ann (Mary Ann)  1786Franklin County, Virginia I1420 Tree_2_McCallroots 
9 Gilbert, Kemuel C.  1858Franklin County, Virginia I8066 Tree_2_McCallroots 
10 Gilbert, Capt. Michael  2 Nov 1829Franklin County, Virginia I3813 Tree_2_McCallroots 
11 Gilbert, Sarah  13 Nov 1861Franklin County, Virginia I3897 Tree_2_McCallroots 
12 Greer, John Fitch  6 Mar 1855Franklin County, Virginia I1394 Tree_2_McCallroots 
13 Greer, Moses Jr.  30 Sep 1848Franklin County, Virginia I1242 Tree_2_McCallroots 
14 Greer, Nancy  2 Jul 1854Franklin County, Virginia I1380 Tree_2_McCallroots 
15 Greer, William B. Sr.  15 Jan 1790Franklin County, Virginia I1419 Tree_2_McCallroots 
16 Hancock, Frances S.  20 Jul 1884Franklin County, Virginia I3909 Tree_2_McCallroots 
17 Holland, Asa  Jan 1801Franklin County, Virginia I3890 Tree_2_McCallroots 
18 Holland, John Meador  6 May 1845Franklin County, Virginia I3898 Tree_2_McCallroots 
19 Holland, Peter III  26 Mar 1836Franklin County, Virginia I1738 Tree_2_McCallroots 
20 Holland, Peter Diggins  12 Apr 1833Franklin County, Virginia I3908 Tree_2_McCallroots 
21 Holland, Peter M. II  1793Franklin County, Virginia I3611 Tree_2_McCallroots 
22 Holland, Sarah Frances  Bef 1815Franklin County, Virginia I3912 Tree_2_McCallroots 
23 Holland, Thomas  1 Jan 1816Franklin County, Virginia I3891 Tree_2_McCallroots 
24 McCall, Dudley  30 Mar 1898Franklin County, Virginia I3926 Tree_2_McCallroots 
25 McCall, John Meador  Aft 1863Franklin County, Virginia I251 Tree_2_McCallroots 
26 McCall, John Peter  30 Mar 1898Franklin County, Virginia I3925 Tree_2_McCallroots 
27 McCall, Lydia  Bef 1844Franklin County, Virginia I249 Tree_2_McCallroots 
28 McCall, Maggie Blanche  2 Oct 1959Franklin County, Virginia I3933 Tree_2_McCallroots 
29 McCall, Nannie Frances  11 Jul 1997Franklin County, Virginia I5535 Tree_2_McCallroots 
30 McCall, Thomas Fewell  Between 1842 and 50Franklin County, Virginia I248 Tree_2_McCallroots 
31 Meador, Mary  2 Jun 1827Franklin County, Virginia I1739 Tree_2_McCallroots 
32 Parker, Mary  2 Jul 1826Franklin County, Virginia I8348 Tree_2_McCallroots 
33 Patterson, Charles  1836Franklin County, Virginia I250 Tree_2_McCallroots 
34 Smith, Mary  6 Jun 1863Franklin County, Virginia I3899 Tree_2_McCallroots 
35 Smith, William  7 Aug 1845Franklin County, Virginia I3918 Tree_2_McCallroots 
36 Webster, Martha  Aft 1780Franklin County, Virginia I8085 Tree_2_McCallroots 
37 Willis, Paul Edward  6 Jan 1975Franklin County, Virginia I7410 Tree_2_McCallroots 
38 Wood, Susannah  29 Nov 1857Franklin County, Virginia I1243 Tree_2_McCallroots 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Holland, Peter III  1836Franklin County, Virginia I1738 Tree_2_McCallroots 
2 Meador, Mary  Jun 1827Franklin County, Virginia I1739 Tree_2_McCallroots 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Gilbert, Angeline Booth  7 Aug 1820Franklin County, Virginia I49 Tree_2_McCallroots 
2 Gilbert, Angeline Booth  1830Franklin County, Virginia I49 Tree_2_McCallroots 
3 Gilbert, Elizabeth Middleton  1810Franklin County, Virginia I224 Tree_2_McCallroots 
4 Gilbert, Elizabeth Middleton  7 Aug 1820Franklin County, Virginia I224 Tree_2_McCallroots 
5 Gilbert, Frances Smith  7 Aug 1820Franklin County, Virginia I6139 Tree_2_McCallroots 
6 Gilbert, Frances Smith  1830Franklin County, Virginia I6139 Tree_2_McCallroots 
7 Gilbert, Harriet  1830Franklin County, Virginia I6145 Tree_2_McCallroots 
8 Gilbert, Kemuel Clement  1800Franklin County, Virginia I3524 Tree_2_McCallroots 
9 Gilbert, Martha Jane  7 Aug 1820Franklin County, Virginia I6141 Tree_2_McCallroots 
10 Gilbert, Martha Jane  1830Franklin County, Virginia I6141 Tree_2_McCallroots 
11 Gilbert, Preston Davis  1810Franklin County, Virginia I6136 Tree_2_McCallroots 
12 Gilbert, Preston Davis  7 Aug 1820Franklin County, Virginia I6136 Tree_2_McCallroots 
13 Gilbert, Samuel Harris  1830Franklin County, Virginia I6142 Tree_2_McCallroots 
14 Gilbert, Sarah  1830Franklin County, Virginia I6146 Tree_2_McCallroots 
15 Gilbert, Stephen W.  1830Franklin County, Virginia I6143 Tree_2_McCallroots 
16 Gilbert, Thomas Kemuel  7 Aug 1820Franklin County, Virginia I275 Tree_2_McCallroots 
17 Gilbert, Thomas Kemuel  1830Franklin County, Virginia I275 Tree_2_McCallroots 
18 Greer, Moses Callaway  1830Franklin County, Virginia I1236 Tree_2_McCallroots 
19 Holland, Mildred  1830Franklin County, Virginia I247 Tree_2_McCallroots 
20 Holland, Mildred  1840Franklin County, Virginia I247 Tree_2_McCallroots 
21 Holland, Mildred  2 Sep 1850Franklin County, Virginia I247 Tree_2_McCallroots 
22 Holland, Mildred  16 Dec 1850Franklin County, Virginia I247 Tree_2_McCallroots 
23 Holland, Thomas Janson  1810Franklin County, Virginia I3915 Tree_2_McCallroots 
24 McCall, Frances  7 Aug 1820Franklin County, Virginia I274 Tree_2_McCallroots 
25 McCall, Frances  1830Franklin County, Virginia I274 Tree_2_McCallroots 
26 McCall, James E.  2 Sep 1850Franklin County, Virginia I3922 Tree_2_McCallroots 
27 McCall, James Elbert  7 Aug 1820Franklin County, Virginia I48 Tree_2_McCallroots 
28 McCall, James Elbert  1830Franklin County, Virginia I48 Tree_2_McCallroots 
29 McCall, Jane  7 Aug 1820Franklin County, Virginia I245 Tree_2_McCallroots 
30 McCall, John Meador  7 Aug 1820Franklin County, Virginia I251 Tree_2_McCallroots 
31 McCall, John Meador  1830Franklin County, Virginia I251 Tree_2_McCallroots 
32 McCall, Lydia  7 Aug 1820Franklin County, Virginia I249 Tree_2_McCallroots 
33 McCall, Mary Lyle  7 Aug 1820Franklin County, Virginia I252 Tree_2_McCallroots 
34 McCall, Mary Lyle  1830Franklin County, Virginia I252 Tree_2_McCallroots 
35 McCall, Peter Holland  7 Aug 1820Franklin County, Virginia I222 Tree_2_McCallroots 
36 McCall, Robert Henry  7 Aug 1820Franklin County, Virginia I223 Tree_2_McCallroots 
37 McCall, Robert Henry  1830Franklin County, Virginia I223 Tree_2_McCallroots 
38 McCall, Thomas Fewell  1830Franklin County, Virginia I248 Tree_2_McCallroots 
39 McCall, William Stokes  7 Aug 1820Franklin County, Virginia I253 Tree_2_McCallroots 
40 McCall, William Stokes  1830Franklin County, Virginia I253 Tree_2_McCallroots 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID   Tree 
1 Greer, Capt. Moses Sr.  12 Sep 1832Franklin County, Virginia I1403 Tree_2_McCallroots 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 Holland, Peter III  Abt 1778Franklin County, Virginia I1738 Tree_2_McCallroots 
2 Mattox, Thomas Simmons  Franklin County, Virginia I3945 Tree_2_McCallroots 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Settled    Person ID   Tree 
1 Greer, Benjamin  Franklin County, Virginia I1427 Tree_2_McCallroots 
2 Greer, James  Franklin County, Virginia I1422 Tree_2_McCallroots 
3 Greer, John Fitch  Franklin County, Virginia I1424 Tree_2_McCallroots 
4 Greer, William B. Sr.  Aft 1732Franklin County, Virginia I1419 Tree_2_McCallroots 
5 McCall, William S.  Abt 1781Franklin County, Virginia I221 Tree_2_McCallroots 

Tax list

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Tax list    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ferguson, Alexander Sr.  30 Apr 1796Franklin County, Virginia I8347 Tree_2_McCallroots 
2 Ferguson, Alexander Sr.  6 Aug 1798Franklin County, Virginia I8347 Tree_2_McCallroots 
3 Ferguson, Alexander Sr.  15 Mar 1800Franklin County, Virginia I8347 Tree_2_McCallroots 
4 Ferguson, Alexander Sr.  5 Aug 1803Franklin County, Virginia I8347 Tree_2_McCallroots 
5 Gilbert, Capt. Michael  25 Mar 1799Franklin County, Virginia I3813 Tree_2_McCallroots 
6 Greer, Capt. Moses Sr.  27 Sep 1790Franklin County, Virginia I1403 Tree_2_McCallroots 
7 Greer, Moses Jr.  2 Apr 1796Franklin County, Virginia I1242 Tree_2_McCallroots 
8 Greer, Capt. Moses Sr.  10 Mar 1798Franklin County, Virginia I1403 Tree_2_McCallroots 
9 Greer, Moses Jr.  30 Apr 1798Franklin County, Virginia I1242 Tree_2_McCallroots 
10 Greer, Capt. Moses Sr.  17 Jun 1800Franklin County, Virginia I1403 Tree_2_McCallroots 
11 Greer, Capt. Moses Sr.  3 Mar 1803Franklin County, Virginia I1403 Tree_2_McCallroots 
12 Greer, Moses Jr.  3 Mar 1803Franklin County, Virginia I1242 Tree_2_McCallroots 
13 Holland, Peter III  30 Apr 1796Franklin County, Virginia I1738 Tree_2_McCallroots 
14 Holland, Peter III  7 May 1798Franklin County, Virginia I1738 Tree_2_McCallroots 
15 McCall, Robert  6 May 1798Franklin County, Virginia I276 Tree_2_McCallroots 
16 McCall, William S.  25 Mar 1799Franklin County, Virginia I221 Tree_2_McCallroots 
17 McCall, William S.  3 Apr 1800Franklin County, Virginia I221 Tree_2_McCallroots 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ferguson, Alexander Sr.  29 Oct 1817Franklin County, Virginia I8347 Tree_2_McCallroots 
2 Gilbert, Capt. Michael  16 Oct 1829Franklin County, Virginia I3813 Tree_2_McCallroots 
3 Holland, Julia Anna Jane  10 Mar 1904Franklin County, Virginia I2862 Tree_2_McCallroots 
4 McCall, William S.  8 Feb 1823Franklin County, Virginia I221 Tree_2_McCallroots 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Amos / McCall  13 Oct 1939Franklin County, Virginia F1876 Tree_2_McCallroots 
2 Callaway / Greer  26 Apr 1802Franklin County, Virginia F626 Tree_2_McCallroots 
3 Dudley / Heptinstall  7 Aug 1826Franklin County, Virginia F2065 Tree_2_McCallroots 
4 Dudley / Holland  17 Nov 1849Franklin County, Virginia F2064 Tree_2_McCallroots 
5 Dudley / Kemp  27 Mar 1802Franklin County, Virginia F2066 Tree_2_McCallroots 
6 Ferguson / Baker  SAY 1788Franklin County, Virginia F3255 Tree_2_McCallroots 
7 Ferguson / Parker  CA 1764Franklin County, Virginia F2908 Tree_2_McCallroots 
8 Gilbert / Ashworth  1 Dec 1817Franklin County, Virginia F1274 Tree_2_McCallroots 
9 Gilbert / Gilbert  2 Dec 1827Franklin County, Virginia F2123 Tree_2_McCallroots 
10 Gilbert / Law  11 Jan 1803Franklin County, Virginia F2120 Tree_2_McCallroots 
11 Gilbert / Mason  4 Jun 1827Franklin County, Virginia F2789 Tree_2_McCallroots 
12 Gilbert / McCall  5 Feb 1838Franklin County, Virginia F151 Tree_2_McCallroots 
13 Gilbert / Smith  5 Nov 1805Franklin County, Virginia F1172 Tree_2_McCallroots 
14 Greer / Childress  7 Jan 1845Franklin County, Virginia F621 Tree_2_McCallroots 
15 Greer / Fowler  14 Jan 1813Franklin County, Virginia F2888 Tree_2_McCallroots 
16 Greer / Kyle  26 Nov 1821Franklin County, Virginia F577 Tree_2_McCallroots 
17 Greer / Sink  11 Mar 1861Franklin County, Virginia F623 Tree_2_McCallroots 
18 Greer / Taliaferro  Franklin County, Virginia F3033 Tree_2_McCallroots 
19 Greer / Webb  SAY 1800Franklin County, Virginia F3032 Tree_2_McCallroots 
20 Greer / Wood  4 Nov 1794Franklin County, Virginia F579 Tree_2_McCallroots 
21 Hancock / Holland  6 Jan 1806Franklin County, Virginia F1306 Tree_2_McCallroots 
22 Heptinstall / Greer  7 Nov 1796Franklin County, Virginia F2067 Tree_2_McCallroots 
23 Holland / Craghead  26 Feb 1827Franklin County, Virginia F1292 Tree_2_McCallroots 
24 Holland / Hancock  11 Feb 1807Franklin County, Virginia F1304 Tree_2_McCallroots 
25 Holland / Smith  2 Jan 1797Franklin County, Virginia F1299 Tree_2_McCallroots 
26 Holland / Smith  6 Dec 1819Franklin County, Virginia F2117 Tree_2_McCallroots 
27 Holland / Smith  1 Oct 1821Franklin County, Virginia F2906 Tree_2_McCallroots 
28 Houston / Dudley  24 Feb 1932Franklin County, Virginia F2545 Tree_2_McCallroots 
29 McCall / Adkins  Franklin County, Virginia F1318 Tree_2_McCallroots 
30 McCall / Dudley  23 Dec 1880Franklin County, Virginia F1310 Tree_2_McCallroots 
31 McCall / Gilbert  5 Nov 1832Franklin County, Virginia F128 Tree_2_McCallroots 
32 McCall / Hodges  10 Apr 1826Franklin County, Virginia F127 Tree_2_McCallroots 
33 McCall / Holland  11 Nov 1799Franklin County, Virginia F42 Tree_2_McCallroots 
34 McCall / Holland  20 Jun 1849Franklin County, Virginia F141 Tree_2_McCallroots 
35 McCall / Law  30 Jun 1918Franklin County, Virginia F1317 Tree_2_McCallroots 
36 McCall / Smith  24 Jan 1805Franklin County, Virginia F698 Tree_2_McCallroots 
37 McCall / Smith  25 Jun 1839Franklin County, Virginia F144 Tree_2_McCallroots 
38 Nimmo / Holland  18 Jan 1800Franklin County, Virginia F1301 Tree_2_McCallroots 
39 Orme / Greer  4 Sep 1845Franklin County, Virginia F614 Tree_2_McCallroots 
40 Patterson / McCall  2 Apr 1827Franklin County, Virginia F140 Tree_2_McCallroots 
41 Smith / Ferguson  7 Jan 1788Franklin County, Virginia F1308 Tree_2_McCallroots 
42 Wright / Holland  1799Franklin County, Virginia F1302 Tree_2_McCallroots 


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   Family    Census    Family ID   Tree 
1 Gilbert / Davis  1810Franklin County, Virginia F1273 Tree_2_McCallroots 
2 Gilbert / Davis  7 Aug 1820Franklin County, Virginia F1273 Tree_2_McCallroots 
3 Gilbert / Smith  1810Franklin County, Virginia F1172 Tree_2_McCallroots 
4 Gilbert / Smith  7 Aug 1820Franklin County, Virginia F1172 Tree_2_McCallroots 
5 Gilbert / Smith  1830Franklin County, Virginia F1172 Tree_2_McCallroots 
6 Greer / Kyle  1830Franklin County, Virginia F577 Tree_2_McCallroots 
7 Holland / Hancock  1830Franklin County, Virginia F1304 Tree_2_McCallroots 
8 Holland / Meador  1810Franklin County, Virginia F139 Tree_2_McCallroots 
9 Holland / Meador  7 Aug 1820Franklin County, Virginia F139 Tree_2_McCallroots 
10 McCall / Hodges  1830Franklin County, Virginia F127 Tree_2_McCallroots 
11 McCall / Holland  1810Franklin County, Virginia F42 Tree_2_McCallroots 
12 McCall / Holland  7 Aug 1820Franklin County, Virginia F42 Tree_2_McCallroots 
13 McCall / Holland  2 Sep 1850Franklin County, Virginia F141 Tree_2_McCallroots 
14 Smith / Ferguson  1810Franklin County, Virginia F1308 Tree_2_McCallroots 
15 Smith / Ferguson  7 Aug 1820Franklin County, Virginia F1308 Tree_2_McCallroots 
16 Smith / Ferguson  1830Franklin County, Virginia F1308 Tree_2_McCallroots 


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   Family    Residence    Family ID   Tree 
1 McCall / Dudley  Franklin County, Virginia F1310 Tree_2_McCallroots