McCall-Thompson family history
Genealogy of some McCalls, Thompsons, Warrens, Campbells, Brierlys, Huffstutlers and allied families
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Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts



Latitude: 42.6791700, Longitude: -70.8416700


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Dennison, Elizabeth  Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I10853
2 Goodhue, Benjamin  25 Jan 1690/1Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I7469
3 Goodhue, Ebenezer  25 Jul 1685Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I7468
4 Goodhue, Hannah  20 Jul 1681Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I7467
5 Goodhue, John  Abt 1674Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I7463
6 Goodhue, Joseph  1639Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I5995
7 Goodhue, Joseph  13 May 1662Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I7452
8 Goodhue, Joseph  Abt 1687Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I7464
9 Goodhue, Marjery  Abt 1670Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I4687
10 Goodhue, Mary  Abt 1664Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I7460
11 Goodhue, Samuel  6 Apr 1696Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I7470
12 Goodhue, Sarah  Abt 1668Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I7462
13 Goodhue, Susanna  Abt 1672Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I7465
14 Goodhue, William  1645Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I7449
15 Goodhue, William  13 Nov 1667Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I7461
16 Goodhue, [-Twin-]  20 Jul 1681Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I7466
17 Knowlton, Abraham  30 Apr 1703Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I4730
18 Knowlton, Abraham  Nov 1727Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I4701
19 Knowlton, Deborah  31 Dec 1698Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I4692
20 Knowlton, Elizabeth  1 Mar 1660Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I8875
21 Knowlton, Deacon Ezekiel  10 Jun 1707Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I4694
22 Knowlton, Jacob  29 Oct 1729Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I4702
23 Knowlton, John  1644Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I4752
24 Knowlton, John  Abt 1656Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I8873
25 Knowlton, Joseph  9 Mar 1697Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I4691
26 Knowlton, Joseph Jr.  18 Oct 1726Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I4700
27 Knowlton, Marjery  25 Mar 1695Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I4690
28 Knowlton, Marjery  30 Apr 1721Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I4697
29 Knowlton, Nathaniel  1641Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I4747
30 Knowlton, Nathaniel  29 Jun 1658Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I8874
31 Knowlton, Robert  7 Sep 1693Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I4688
32 Knowlton, Samuel  1647Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I4683
33 Knowlton, Sarah  5 Mar 1705Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I4693
34 Knowlton, Thomas  1640Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I4746
35 Knowlton, Thomas  16 May 1662Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I4731
36 Knowlton, Thomas  10 Nov 1724Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I4699
37 Knowlton, William  1642Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I4774
38 Lovell, Thomas  1604Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I1840
39 Perkins, Jacob  12 Sep 1624Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I1913
40 Perkins, John  3 Jul 1652Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I1825
41 Rogers, Abigail  5 Jul 1681Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I10674
42 Rogers, Elizabeth  1 Oct 1678Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I10732
43 Rogers, Ezekiel  SAY 1637Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I10856
44 Rogers, John  1666Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I10733
45 Rogers, John  29 Apr 1667Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I10734
46 Rogers, Jonathan  29 Mar 1671Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I10735
47 Rogers, Margaret  Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I10858
48 Rogers, Margaret  24 Oct 1675Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I10737
49 Rogers, Mary  10 Sep 1672Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I10736
50 Rogers, Sarah  14 Oct 1664Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I10738

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Appleton, Judith  1659Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I10730
2 Brook, Jennet  30 Jan 1667Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I7255
3 Buckley, Dorothy  BY 1665Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I10839
4 Clarke, Susanna  Aft 13 Jul 1661Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I2827
5 Coy, Mary  28 May 1772Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I4732
6 Crane, Margaret  1675Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I10729
7 Dudley, Deborah  BY 1687Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I10840
8 Fisk, Remember  16 Feb 1702Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I7448
9 Gater, Judith  Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I1839
10 Goodhue, Benjamin  3 Dec 1697Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I7469
11 Goodhue, Joseph  Aft 13 May 1662Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I7452
12 Goodhue, Joseph  2 Sep 1697Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I5995
13 Goodhue, Joseph  1768Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I7464
14 Goodhue, Marjery  5 Feb 1704Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I4687
15 Goodhue, Deacon William  1699/1700Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I5997
16 Goodhue, William  12 Oct 1712Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I7449
17 Goodhue, William  10 Jul 1722Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I7461
18 Goodhue, [-Twin-]  Aft 20 Jul 1681Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I7466
19 Grafton, Bethea Rea  6 Dec 1688Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I7447
20 Grant, Deborah  Aft 10 Sep 1666Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I8116
21 Holyoke, Sarah  29 Apr 1666Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I2044
22 Knowlton, John  1654Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I4743
23 Knowlton, John  8 Oct 1684Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I4795
24 Knowlton, John  11 Sep 1720Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I8873
25 Knowlton, William  1655Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I4734
26 Lovell, Thomas  17 Jan 1710Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I1840
27 Perkins, Jacob  29 Jan 1700Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I1913
28 Perkins, John  23 Sep 1654Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I1838
29 Perkins, John  15 Mar 1717Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I1825
30 Prence, Susanna  29 Nov 1678Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I10834
31 Rogers, John  Bef 29 Apr 1667Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I10733
32 Rogers, Nathaniel  3 Jul 1655Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I10728
33 Rogers, Samuel  21 Dec 1693Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I10724
34 Todd, Rachel  1691Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I7459
35 Wade, Jonathan  Bef Sep 1683Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I10833
36 Wade, Jonathan Jr.  24 Nov 1689Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I10838
37 Watson, Margery  28 Aug 1668Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I7445
38 Whipple, Elizabeth  15 Dec 1648Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I7260
39 Whipple, Elizabeth Lovell  12 Feb 1685Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I1948
40 Whipple, Elder John  30 Jun 1669Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I884
41 Whipple, Sarah  23 Jul 1681Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I5996
42 Whipple, William  4 Jun 1641Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I7262
43 Wilson, Marjery  Bef Mar 1655Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I4794
44 [--?--] Stacey, Elizabeth  Mar 1670Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I8825
45 [--?--] Webb, Mary  7 Sep 1680Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I7446


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Rogers, Nathaniel  SAY 6 Jul 1655Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I10728
2 Whipple, William  1641Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I7262


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Elected    Person ID 
1 Goodhue, Joseph  Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I5995
2 Goodhue, Joseph  1672/3Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I5995
3 Goodhue, Joseph  1674Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I5995
4 Goodhue, Deacon William  Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I5997
5 Goodhue, Deacon William  1639Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I5997


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Freeman    Person ID 
1 Goodhue, Joseph  1674Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I5995
2 Knowlton, William  1669Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I4774
3 Rogers, Nathaniel  6 Nov 1638Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I10728
4 Wade, Jonathan  14 May 1634Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I10833


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Woodward, George  Abt 1634Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I8906


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Oath    Person ID 
1 Wade, Jonathan  1678Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I10833


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Goodhue, Deacon William  1640Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I5997
2 Knowlton, John  Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I4795
3 Knowlton, Thomas  Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I4750
4 Knowlton, William  Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I4774
5 Rogers, Nathaniel  20 Feb 1638Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I10728
6 Rogers, Samuel  SAY 1670Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I10724
7 Wade, Jonathan  BY 1647Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I10833


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Rogers, Nathaniel  25 Sep 1655Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I10728
2 Wade, Jonathan  Nov 1684Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I10833


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Knowlton, John  1639Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I4743
2 Knowlton, Thomas  1642Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I4750
3 Knowlton, William  1642Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I4734


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Selectman    Person ID 
1 Goodhue, Joseph  1672–73Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I5995


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Served    Person ID 
1 Whipple, Elder John  Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I884


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Settled    Person ID 
1 Goodhue, Deacon William  Nov 1635Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I5997
2 Wade, Jonathan  BY 1636Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I10833


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Knowlton, John  29 Nov 1653Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I4743
2 Rogers, Nathaniel  3 Jul 1655Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I10728
3 Whipple, Elder John  10 May 1669Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I884
4 [--?--] Stacey, Elizabeth  29 Mar 1670Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I8825


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Dodge / [--?--] Dodge  BY 1631Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F3700
2 Edwards / Goodhue  Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F2579
3 Goodhue / Bartlett  Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F2580
4 Goodhue / Clark  4 Jul 1692Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F2569
5 Goodhue / Fisk  1689Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F2566
6 Goodhue / Grafton  26 Jul 1682Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F2565
7 Goodhue / Lowden  Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F2574
8 Goodhue / Sherwin  Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F2577
9 Goodhue / Smith  Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F2576
10 Goodhue / Todd  15 Oct 1684Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F2572
11 Goodhue / Watson  1639Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F2081
12 Goodhue / Whipple  13 Jul 1661Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F2080
13 Goodhue / [--?--] Webb  7 Sep 1669Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F2564
14 Kimball / Goodhue  Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F2578
15 Kimball / Goodhue  2 Dec 1692Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F2575
16 Knowlton / Grant  BY 1656Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F2803
17 Knowlton / Poland  8 Jan 1719/20Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F1561
18 Knowlton / Robinson (Robison)  21 Nov 1717Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F1597
19 Knowlton / [--?--] Knowlton  Abt 1667Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F3091
20 Norton / Goodhue  Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F2573
21 Perkins / Whipple  Abt 1646Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F741
22 Putnam / Whipple  10 Apr 1705Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F845
23 Rogers / Appleton  24 Dec 1657Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F3844
24 Rogers / Crane  23 Jan 1625Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F3843
25 Rogers / Wade  13 Nov 1661Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F3840
26 Wade / Buckley  9 Dec 1660Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F3882
27 Wade / Cogswell  22 Feb 1670Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F3890
28 Wade / Dudley  BY 1665Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F3883
29 Wade / Dunster  SAY 1687Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F3884
30 Wardwell / Wade  26 May 1665Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F3888
31 Whipple / Brook  Aft 1662Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F2501
32 Whipple / Woodman  5 May 1659Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F3104
33 Woodhouse / Wade  1694Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F3842