McCall-Thompson family history
Genealogy of some McCalls, Thompsons, Warrens, Campbells, Brierlys, Huffstutlers and allied families
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Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts



Latitude: 42.5194400, Longitude: -70.8972200


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Buffington, Betsey  28 Feb 1734Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I2125
2 Cutler, Hannah  Dec 1655Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I520
3 Felton, Malachi  14 May 1705Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I9023
4 Flint, George  6 Jan 1652Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I567
5 Foster, Anna  1715Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I1908
6 Fuller, Anna  6 Nov 1699Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I2109
7 Fuller, Bethia  22 Jan 1676Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I643
8 Fuller, Elizabeth  22 Jun 1673Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I642
9 Fuller, Eunice  1 Oct 1703Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I2111
10 Fuller, John  22 Dec 1676Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I10282
11 Fuller, Jonathan  19 Sep 1673Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I2107
12 Fuller, Jonathan  1708Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I2113
13 Fuller, Joseph  12 Aug 1679Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I10284
14 Fuller, Sarah  1715Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I2114
15 Fuller, Stephen  10 Aug 1700Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I10291
16 Fuller, Susanna  15 Oct 1695Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I2110
17 Fuller, Thomas  3 Feb 1671Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I10281
18 Fuller, William  30 Nov 1685Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I10287
19 Hutchinson, Eunice  9 Apr 1712Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I2130
20 Hutchinson, Hannah  1639Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I8841
21 Hutchinson, John  May 1643Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I8839
22 Hutchinson, Joseph  1633Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I8840
23 Hutchinson, Ruth  26 Feb 1691Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I543
24 Hutchinson, Sarah  26 Dec 1701Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I625
25 Jacobs, John Jr.  Jul 1708Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I8926
26 Jacobs, Deacon John  15 Mar 1734/5Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I6025
27 King, Capt. Henry  8 Jul 1707Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I7351
28 Leach, Mary  3 Mar 1684/5Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I531
29 Nurse, Abigail  23 May 1710Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I8927
30 Nurse, Samuel Sr.  3 Feb 1649Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I8933
31 Nurse, Samuel Jr.  7 Jun 1678Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I8928
32 Phelps, John  6 Dec 1670Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I525
33 Phelps, John  8 Jul 1709Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I528
34 Phelps, Nathaniel  22 Oct 1714Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I529
35 Porter, Elizabeth  7 Oct 1673Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I2137
36 Prence\Prince, Rebecca  1 Jun 1627Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I2369
37 Putnam, Abigail  26 May 1700Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I2126
38 Putnam, Ann  25 Jun 1645Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I431
39 Putnam, Benjamin  24 Dec 1664Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I576
40 Putnam, Benjamin  8 Jan 1692Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I597
41 Putnam, Cornelius  3 Sep 1702Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I624
42 Putnam, Daniel  12 Nov 1696Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I602
43 Putnam, Daniel  27 Nov 1717Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I10122
44 Putnam, Deliverance  5 Jul 1656Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I2068
45 Putnam, Deacon Edward  4 May 1654Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I421
46 Putnam, Edward  29 Apr 1682Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I2331
47 Putnam, Eleazar  8 Sep 1665Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I677
48 Putnam, Elisha  3 Nov 1685Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I2057
49 Putnam, Elizabeth  11 Aug 1662Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I566
50 Putnam, Elizabeth  8 Jan 1690Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I595

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Putnam, Edward  30 Jun 1711Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I403
2 White, Sarah  9 Apr 1643Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I1828


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Archer, Susanna  26 Nov 1674Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I8842
2 Bishop, Joan  SAY 1628Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I8384
3 Bosworth, Alice  26 Nov 1674Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I2128
4 Brown, Henry  25 Apr 1708Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I662
5 Carr, Ann  8 Jun 1699Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I433
6 Foster, Anna  1790Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I1908
7 Fuller, Thomas  Jun 1698Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I8844
8 Gould, Priscilla  1668Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I435
9 Hale, Mary  10 Mar 1747Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I422
10 Holyoke, Anne  1 Jul 1665Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I2155
11 Holyoke, Elizabeth  24 Jun 1659Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I2042
12 Horton, Sarah  Bef 1 Mar 1677/8Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I8394
13 Hutchinson, Elizabeth  24 Jun 1688Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I513
14 Hutchinson, John  2 Aug 1676Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I8839
15 Hutchinson, Richard  Bef 28 Sep 1682Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I2238
16 Jacobs, George  1692Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I8932
17 Jacobs, John Jr.  4 Oct 1734Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I8926
18 Norris, Edward  23 Dec 1659Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I8941
19 Nurse, Francis  22 Nov 1695Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I8935
20 Nurse, Samuel Sr.  15 Jul 1715Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I8933
21 Nurse, Samuel Jr.  Apr 1740Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I8928
22 Putnam, Ann  14 Nov 1676Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I431
23 Putnam, Ann  1716Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I2187
24 Putnam, David  25 Aug 1695Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I521
25 Putnam, Deliverance  1723Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I2068
26 Putnam, Deacon Edward  10 Mar 1747Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I421
27 Putnam, Eleazar  25 Jan 1733Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I677
28 Putnam, Elizabeth  6 Mar 1697Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I566
29 Putnam, Elizabeth  12 Dec 1705Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I447
30 Putnam, Hannah  Bef Jan 1731Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I661
31 Putnam, James  7 Apr 1727Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I660
32 Putnam, Deacon John  30 Oct 1662Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I2329
33 Putnam, John Jr.  7 Apr 1710Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I437
34 Putnam, John  1 Sep 1722Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I519
35 Putnam, John  1736Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I702
36 Putnam, Jonathan  2 Mar 1739Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I659
37 Putnam, Joseph  Jan 1725Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I2038
38 Putnam, Nathaniel  23 Jul 1700Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I436
39 Putnam, Nathaniel  21 Oct 1754Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I578
40 Putnam, Phoebe  30 Apr 1630Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I638
41 Putnam, Prudence  Abt 1745Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I2070
42 Putnam, Samuel  1679Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I514
43 Putnam, Lieutenant Thomas  5 May 1686Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I429
44 Putnam, Thomas Jr.  24 May 1699Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I444
45 Raymond, Abigail  10 Dec 1662Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I8917
46 Raymond, Benjamin  16 Sep 1672Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I8924
47 Raymond, Bethia  10 Dec 1662Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I8916
48 Raymond, Eliza  25 Dec 1662Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I8919
49 Raymond, John  18 Jan 1703Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I8912
50 Raymond, Rachel  BY 1663Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I8918

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Bosworth, Alice  SAY 29 Nov 1674Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I2128
2 Hutchinson, Richard  Dec 1682Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I2238
3 Nurse, Francis  Nov 1695Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I8935
4 Nurse, Samuel Sr.  Jul 1715Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I8933
5 Nurse, Samuel Jr.  Apr 1740Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I8928
6 Putnam, Deacon John  1662Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I2329
7 Smith, Mary  Dec 1716Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I8934
8 Towne, Rebecca  Jul 1692Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I8936


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Adm_Church    Person ID 
1 Hutchinson, Elizabeth  1648Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I513
2 Hutchinson, Richard  BY 1636Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I2238
3 Trask, William  1636Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I2064
4 Woodbury, John  1636Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I8383


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Putnam, Daniel  11 Oct 1719Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I10122
2 Putnam, ELizabeth  10 Sep 1721Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I10123
3 Putnam, Hannah  16 Dec 1722Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I7547
4 Putnam, Mary  23 Feb 1729Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I10125
5 Putnam, Nathan  5 Sep 1725Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I10124
6 Putnam, Samuel  8 Feb 1684/5Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I530
7 Putnam, Tarrant  Aug 1688Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I593
8 Raymond, Edward  17 Dec 1728Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I8654
9 Raymond, Elizabeth  9 Apr 1721Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I8658
10 Raymond, Jonathan  13 Nov 1670Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I8920
11 Raymond, Mary  10 Mar 1723Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I8659
12 Raymond, Nathaniel  6 Aug 1671Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I8923
13 Raymond, Paul  17 May 1730Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I8653
14 Raymond, Rachel  12 Nov 1660Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I8918
15 Raymond, William  8 Aug 1725Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I7548
16 Woodbury, Abigail  12 Nov 1637Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I8390
17 Woodbury, Deacon Peter Sr.  19 Sep 1640Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I8378
18 Woodbury, Deacon Peter Jr.  21 May 1667Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I8376

Fact 1

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Fact 1    Person ID 
1 Raymond, Capt. William Jr.  SAY 1692Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I8663


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Freeman    Person ID 
1 Conant, Roger  18 May 1631Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I8375
2 Putnam, John Jr.  1655Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I437
3 Trask, William  19 Oct 1630Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I2064
4 Woodbury, John  18 May 1631Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I8383


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Putnam, Deacon John  1634Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I2329
2 Raymond, John  1652Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I8912
3 Trask, William  1628Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I2064
4 Warren, John  12 Jun 1630Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I5209
5 [--?--] Trask, Sarah  1628Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I445

Individual Note

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Individual Note    Person ID 
1 Raymond, Lt. William  28 Dec 1697Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I8664


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Land    Person ID 
1 Hutchinson, Richard  1637Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I2238
2 Hutchinson, Richard  1648Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I2238


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Member    Person ID 
1 Conant, Roger  1636Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I8375


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Raymond, Lt. Paul  Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I8633


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Putnam, Nathaniel  1650Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I436


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Possessions    Person ID 
1 Fuller, Thomas  1663Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I8844


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Fuller, Thomas  4 Jul 1698Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I8844
2 Hutchinson, Richard  28 Sep 1682Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I2238


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Fuller, Thomas  1664Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I8844
2 Tracy, Lieut. Thomas  Bef 23 Feb 1637Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I1082


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Settled    Person ID 
1 Sherman, Rev. James  Abt 1715Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I7588
2 Tracy, Lieut. Thomas  1634/5Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I1082


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Fuller, Thomas  9 Jun 1698Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I8844
2 Hutchinson, Richard  19 Jan 1679Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I2238
3 Norris, Edward  9 Dec 1657Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I8941
4 Trask, William  15 May 1666Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts I2064


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Buxton / Putnam  Nov 1709Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts F295
2 Felton / Nurse  5 Feb 1735Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts F3159
3 Flint / Putnam  2 Mar 1679Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts F298
4 Fuller / Trask  3 Jan 1694Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts F218
5 Hill / Woodbury  12 Oct 1657Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts F2930
6 Hutchinson / Archer  Oct 1668Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts F3082
7 Hutchinson / Bosworth  7 Dec 1627Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts F281
8 Hutchinson / Putnam  10 Jul 1673Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts F334
9 Hutchinson / Standish  Aft Nov 1674Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts F3083
10 Jacobs / Nurse  16 Apr 1734Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts F3108
11 Jacobs / Waters  6 Apr 1704Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts F3110
12 Leach / Flint  BY Jan 1683/4Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts F3584
13 Nurse / Faulkner  25 Nov 1708Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts F3109
14 Nurse / Smith  5 Apr 1677Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts F3112
15 Nurse / Towne  24 Aug 1644Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts F3113
16 Phelps / Putnam  12 Mar 1701Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts F285
17 Putnam / Buxton  16 Mar 1717Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts F296
18 Putnam / Carr  25 Sep 1678Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts F231
19 Putnam / Cutler  2 Dec 1678Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts F284
20 Putnam / Fuller  15 Feb 1713–14Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts F812
21 Putnam / Fuller  14 Dec 1720Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts F804
22 Putnam / Fuller  11 Mar 1723/4Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts F343
23 Putnam / Goodale  2 Feb 1721Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts F297
24 Putnam / Hale  14 Jun 1681Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts F223
25 Putnam / Hutchinson  19 Feb 1712Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts F290
26 Putnam / Hutchinson  17 Nov 1725Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts F326
27 Putnam / Hutchinson  17 Sep 1731Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts F829
28 Putnam / Leach  19 Oct 1709Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts F286
29 Putnam / Miles  10 May 1705Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts F217
30 Putnam / Porter  21 Apr 1690Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts F221
31 Putnam / Prence\Prince  3 Sep 1652Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts F237
32 Putnam / Putnam  30 Nov 1738Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts F291
33 Putnam / Tarrant  25 Aug 1686Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts F303
34 Putnam / Veren  14 Sep 1666Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts F226
35 Raymond / Scruggs  SAY 1654Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts F3105
36 Raymond / Woodbury  SAY 1669Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts F3106
37 Trask / Putnam  18 Jan 1666Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts F229
38 Trask / White  1696Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts F850
39 Trask / [--?--] Trask  BY 1634Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts F244
40 Walcutt / Putnam  23 Apr 1685Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts F815
41 Williams / Trask  15 Feb 1695Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts F849
42 Woodbury / Hunter  Bef 1637Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts F2929
43 Woodbury / Napper  1628Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts F2928


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   Family    Residence    Family ID 
1 Conant / Horton  1626Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts F2932