McCall-Thompson family history
Genealogy of the McCalls, Thompsons, and allied families
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Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts



Latitude: 42.3833306, Longitude: -71.4166694


Latitude: 42.3833306, Longitude: -71.4166694


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Axtell, Lydiah  1 Jun 1644Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I7626 Tree_2_McCallroots 
2 Bemis, Capt. Edmund  4 Oct 1720Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I5097 Tree_2_McCallroots 
3 Bemis, Samuel  24 May 1717Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I4991 Tree_2_McCallroots 
4 Bemis, William  1 Nov 1722Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I4993 Tree_2_McCallroots 
5 Collins, Anne  1608Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I1862 Tree_2_McCallroots 
6 Goodenow, Dorothy  17 Jan 1668Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I7772 Tree_2_McCallroots 
7 Goodenow, Ebenezer  6 Jun 1677Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I7776 Tree_2_McCallroots 
8 Goodenow, Edmund  16 Oct 1661Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I7770 Tree_2_McCallroots 
9 Goodenow, Elizabeth  18 Nov 1672Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I7774 Tree_2_McCallroots 
10 Goodenow, Hannah  28 Nov 1639Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I7761 Tree_2_McCallroots 
11 Goodenow, Hannah  15 Dec 1657Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I7768 Tree_2_McCallroots 
12 Goodenow, John  Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I7712 Tree_2_McCallroots 
13 Goodenow, John  9 Sep 1670Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I7773 Tree_2_McCallroots 
14 Goodenow, Joseph  19 Jul 1645Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I7765 Tree_2_McCallroots 
15 Goodenow, Joseph  1 Dec 1674Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I7775 Tree_2_McCallroots 
16 Goodenow, Lydia  18 Oct 1678Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I7777 Tree_2_McCallroots 
17 Goodenow, Mary  25 Aug 1640Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I7763 Tree_2_McCallroots 
18 Goodenow, Mary  19 Oct 1659Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I7769 Tree_2_McCallroots 
19 Goodenow, Mercy  8 Nov 1680Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I7778 Tree_2_McCallroots 
20 Goodenow, Sarah  17 Mar 1642Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I7764 Tree_2_McCallroots 
21 Goodenow, Sarah  26 Feb 1663Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I7771 Tree_2_McCallroots 
22 Goodenow, Sarah  2 Jul 1666Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I7557 Tree_2_McCallroots 
23 Goulding, Captain Palmer  1695Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I4811 Tree_2_McCallroots 
24 Haynes, Mary  1647/8Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I8482 Tree_2_McCallroots 
25 Howe, Alexander  29 Dec 1660Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I1922 Tree_2_McCallroots 
26 Howe, Daniel  3 Jun 1658Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I1921 Tree_2_McCallroots 
27 Howe, David  2 Nov 1674Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I1874 Tree_2_McCallroots 
28 Howe, David  Abt 1710Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I2808 Tree_2_McCallroots 
29 Howe, David  3 Jun 1717Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I2762 Tree_2_McCallroots 
30 Howe, Eliphalet  3 Jun 1710Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I2759 Tree_2_McCallroots 
31 Howe, Ezekiel  Abt 1712Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I2809 Tree_2_McCallroots 
32 Howe, Ezekiel  5 Apr 1720Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I2763 Tree_2_McCallroots 
33 Howe, Hepzibah  1 Oct 1706Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I2758 Tree_2_McCallroots 
34 Howe, Isaac  8 Aug 1648Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I1905 Tree_2_McCallroots 
35 Howe, Israel  6 May 1712Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I2760 Tree_2_McCallroots 
36 Howe, John II  24 Aug 1640Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I1873 Tree_2_McCallroots 
37 Howe, Josiah  1650Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I1906 Tree_2_McCallroots 
38 Howe, Josiah  24 Dec 1678Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I1955 Tree_2_McCallroots 
39 Howe, Mary  18 Feb 1646Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I1904 Tree_2_McCallroots 
40 Howe, Mary  18 Jun 1654Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I1907 Tree_2_McCallroots 
41 Howe, Peter  Abt 1698Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I2029 Tree_2_McCallroots 
42 Howe, Ruth  23 Feb 1714Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I2761 Tree_2_McCallroots 
43 Howe, Samuel  20 Oct 1642Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I2025 Tree_2_McCallroots 
44 Howe, Samuel  19 May 1668Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I1960 Tree_2_McCallroots 
45 Howe, Sarah  5 Sep 1644Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I1876 Tree_2_McCallroots 
46 Howe, Thankful  15 Dec 1703Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I2028 Tree_2_McCallroots 
47 Howe, Thomas  22 Jul 1656Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I1914 Tree_2_McCallroots 
48 Loring, Charlotte Howe  12 Jun 1773Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I7216 Tree_2_McCallroots 
49 Maynard, Elizabeth  3 Jan 1691/2Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I7553 Tree_2_McCallroots 
50 Maynard, Zachariah  30 Apr 1679Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I8836 Tree_2_McCallroots 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Axtell, Mary  14 Apr 1704Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I7581 Tree_2_McCallroots 
2 Axtell, Thomas  Mar 1646Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I7624 Tree_2_McCallroots 
3 Bent, Martha  1680Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I1875 Tree_2_McCallroots 
4 Collins, Anne  24 Dec 1642Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I1862 Tree_2_McCallroots 
5 Death, Hepzibah  15 Apr 1769Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I2027 Tree_2_McCallroots 
6 Frost, Thomasine  13 Jun 1654Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I1864 Tree_2_McCallroots 
7 Goodenow, Capt. John  6 Aug 1721Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I7580 Tree_2_McCallroots 
8 Goodenow, Joseph  30 May 1676Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I7765 Tree_2_McCallroots 
9 Goodenow, Lydia  21 Apr 1679Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I7777 Tree_2_McCallroots 
10 Goodenow, Sarah  5 Jan 1666Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I7771 Tree_2_McCallroots 
11 Goodenow, Sarah  SAY 1724Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I7557 Tree_2_McCallroots 
12 Goodenow, Thomas  SAY 1645Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I7762 Tree_2_McCallroots 
13 Goodrich, Hannah  1719Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I7782 Tree_2_McCallroots 
14 Goulding, Captain Peter  11 Oct 1703Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I4793 Tree_2_McCallroots 
15 Hosmer, James  21 Apr 1676Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I1912 Tree_2_McCallroots 
16 Howe, Abigail  17 Sep 1722Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I2755 Tree_2_McCallroots 
17 Howe, Alexander  4 Jan 1661Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I1922 Tree_2_McCallroots 
18 Howe, Daniel  4 Jan 1661Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I1921 Tree_2_McCallroots 
19 Howe, David  3 Aug 1759Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I1874 Tree_2_McCallroots 
20 Howe, Ezekiel  15 Oct 1796Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I2763 Tree_2_McCallroots 
21 Howe, Samuel  13 Apr 1713Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I2025 Tree_2_McCallroots 
22 King, Thomas  3 May 1676Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I1861 Tree_2_McCallroots 
23 Maynard, Elizabeth  13 Oct 1723Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I7553 Tree_2_McCallroots 
24 Maynard, Zachariah  11 Feb 1723/4Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I7781 Tree_2_McCallroots 
25 Mixer, Abigail  26 Nov 1703Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I2026 Tree_2_McCallroots 
26 Putnam, Hannah  Bef 1747Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I7547 Tree_2_McCallroots 
27 Putnam, Samuel  20 Dec 1753Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I530 Tree_2_McCallroots 
28 Rice, Benjamin  19 Dec 1713Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I8415 Tree_2_McCallroots 
29 Rice, Matthew  1717Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I8412 Tree_2_McCallroots 
30 Rice, Sarah  SAY 1690Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I7595 Tree_2_McCallroots 
31 Rice, Thomas  16 Nov 1681Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I8410 Tree_2_McCallroots 
32 Sharp, John  21 Apr 1676Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I7951 Tree_2_McCallroots 
33 Stone, Mary  4 Nov 1731Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I7565 Tree_2_McCallroots 
34 Stone, Matthew  12 Aug 1743Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I2697 Tree_2_McCallroots 
35 Walker, Daniel  8 Nov 1672Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I7570 Tree_2_McCallroots 
36 Walker, Elizabeth  SAY 1682Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I7573 Tree_2_McCallroots 
37 Walker, Hannah  14 Dec 1668Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I7568 Tree_2_McCallroots 
38 Walker, Sarah  SAY 1667Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I7567 Tree_2_McCallroots 
39 Walker, Sarah  1688Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I7559 Tree_2_McCallroots 
40 Walker, Thomas Jr.  30 May 1697Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I7564 Tree_2_McCallroots 
41 Walker, Thomas  1717Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I7566 Tree_2_McCallroots 
42 Walker, William  3 Oct 1732Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I7556 Tree_2_McCallroots 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Axtell, Mary  Apr 1704Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I7581 Tree_2_McCallroots 
2 Axtell, Thomas  8 Mar 1646Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I7624 Tree_2_McCallroots 
3 Goodenow, Capt. John  Aug 1721Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I7580 Tree_2_McCallroots 
4 Mixer, Abigail  Nov 1703Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I2026 Tree_2_McCallroots 
5 Stone, Mary  Nov 1731Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I7565 Tree_2_McCallroots 
6 Walker, Thomas Jr.  Jun 1697Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I7564 Tree_2_McCallroots 
7 Walker, William  Oct 1732Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I7556 Tree_2_McCallroots 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Freeman    Person ID   Tree 
1 Goodenow, Edmund  13 May 1640Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I7758 Tree_2_McCallroots 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID   Tree 
1 Goodenow, Edmund  12 Aug 1645Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I7758 Tree_2_McCallroots 
2 Goodenow, Edmund  27 May 1674Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I7758 Tree_2_McCallroots 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 Axtell, Thomas  1645Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I7624 Tree_2_McCallroots 
2 Sherman, Rev. James  1677Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I7588 Tree_2_McCallroots 
3 Walker, Thomas Jr.  1664Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I7564 Tree_2_McCallroots 
4 Walker, Thomas Jr.  1672Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I7564 Tree_2_McCallroots 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Goulding, Captain Peter  1694Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I4793 Tree_2_McCallroots 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Selectman    Person ID   Tree 
1 Rice, Deacon David  1700–1704Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I7592 Tree_2_McCallroots 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Settled    Person ID   Tree 
1 How, John  1639Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I2300 Tree_2_McCallroots 
2 Walker, Thomas Jr.  Between 1661 and 1664Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts I7564 Tree_2_McCallroots 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Gleason / Streeter  25 Jul 1658Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts F3155 Tree_2_McCallroots 
2 Goodenow / Axtell  19 Sep 1656Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts F2610 Tree_2_McCallroots 
3 Goodenow / Stone  Dec 1705Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts F2679 Tree_2_McCallroots 
4 Howe / Bent  5 Jun 1663Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts F772 Tree_2_McCallroots 
5 Maynard / Goodrich  5 Jul 1678Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts F2683 Tree_2_McCallroots 
6 Pendleton / Goodenow  29 Apr 1656Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts F2680 Tree_2_McCallroots 
7 Rice / Brigham  1 Mar 1655Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts F2942 Tree_2_McCallroots 
8 Rice / Dix  Sep 1668Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts F2159 Tree_2_McCallroots 
9 Rice / King  8 Nov 1655Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts F2550 Tree_2_McCallroots 
10 Rice / Walker  7 Apr 1687Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts F2616 Tree_2_McCallroots 
11 Sherman / Walker  13 May 1680Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts F2614 Tree_2_McCallroots 
12 Stevens / Walker  27 Nov 1714Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts F2618 Tree_2_McCallroots 
13 Walker / Goodenow  6 May 1686Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts F2607 Tree_2_McCallroots 
14 Walker / How  7 Dec 1687Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts F2615 Tree_2_McCallroots 
15 Walker / Maynard  6 Jun 1717Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts F2606 Tree_2_McCallroots 
16 Walker / Putnam  4 Apr 1738Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts F2604 Tree_2_McCallroots